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Hello! My name is leonard peng and I'm an illustrator + designer who likes pretty things and deliciously cute food.

Ahhh just got this in the mail!!! Thanks so much Shannon!!

Finally sharing all the stuff I got at SPX

Here’s my piece for the 5th Element Zine! I was really into the Chinese take-out boat so that’s what I based this piece on. A lot of my friends are also participating so go check them out~

here’s a fun little piece I recently made for Tom’s Alt/Funny/Stupid Mermaid Zine that’s coming out in the near future. 

I got to draw a coral mermaid/merman person!

I’m so glad to finally share this! I did this piece for Nautilus about different variations of silence. It’s a really interesting article that you can read here. Thanks for the awesome assignment Len!

Here’s something for Joel’s awesome sushi blog “Daily Sushi”. In case you haven’t noticed but I really like salmon…

Here’s a piece for the San Francisco Chronicles book review of “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage" by Haruki Murakami. Thank you AD Shannon!

Here’s a spot I did for a poem in Loadstone Magazine about senses.

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A sneak peak of my zine for Light Grey Art Lab’s STACKS show! I was able to meet Lindsay + Jenny from LGAL at ICON8 this week and they are really really cool + nice people!


Hey guys! I’ve be working on a CLAMP zine with some AWESOME people recently! :D <3  If you’re interested in getting one…

PREORDERS HERE: http://clampzine.storenvy.com/

and they cost $10 +SHIPPING

Size: 8.5 X 5.5 in (~ 40 pages)

I also worked with some REALLLY awesome people! 

Alice Tse, Andrea Mastroeni, Angela Zhou, Bekky Shin, Bridget Gibson, Christina Dacanay, Christina O, Clare DeZutti, Erica Ostrowski, Eve Gietka, Evyn Fong, Gabby Howitz, Jennifer Bae, Jen Phan, Jessica Chen, Jill Kaczak, Joshua Heinsz, Juliana Chen, Kate MacDonald, Katie McDermott, Kelsey Sunday, Kim Te, Leonard Peng, Lila Mitchell, Lizzi O’Rear, Anna Rose, Lydia So, Meagan Ciongoli, Meaghan Stephenson, Nicole Surman, Pauline Phouybanhdyt, Shirley Chan, Sonia Liao, Boya Sun, Tara Saldajeno

Hey guys! Check out the Clamp Zine I’m in along with a lot of my friends!!! Thanks Lydia and Clare for creating this!


(via pandabandanna)

recently I’ve been working on several things that I’m not done yet/ can’t show so here’s a drawing of Syaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura for my friend’s Clamp Zine~

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Hello everyone!! Monsters of the Deep, a zine featuring the work of over 60 artists on the terrifying sea creatures that haunt our nightmares is now live on kickstarter! Please help us fund the printing of this amazing collection of work and get some awesome rewards at the same time!

The kickstarter is up! If you’re interested in amazing sea creatures, please spread the word and support this amazing zine! Here’s the piece I contributed to it.

Remember that one time when I drew Leviathan being all weird and stuff? Well it was for this beautiful zine! Come check it out~



Fifth Element Artbook KICKSTARTER has launched!!!!

A 156 page artbook dedicated to the wonderful ‘Fifth Element - movie’.

The 76 participating artists:

Angi Pauly - Angela Rizza - Amelia Dolezal - Ashley Floréal - Ashley Mackenzie - Babs Tarr - Bethan Mure - Calvin Boetto - Camila Fortuna - Casey Parris - Chelsea Kenna - Christopher Cunetto - Daniel Shaffer - David Saracino - DeAnna Yarbrough - ElephantWendigo - Elliot Boyette - Emanoel Melo - Eric Haddad - Erica Henderson - Erika Wagner - Evon Freeman - Fleur Sciortino - Helen Mask - Ian Moore - Jabari Weathers - James Fenner - Jen Mundy (soon Bartel) - Jenn Woodall - Jérôme Mireault  jjacsso - Joule Hahn - Jovo Ve - J.C Arenas - Julianna Michek - Kadi Fedoruk - Kai Schuettler - Karina Rehrbehn- Kat Michaelides - Katarina Kühl - Kathryn Layno - K.R.Mayer - Leonard Peng  Lin Visel - Linda Tran - Magenta King - Manuel Kilger - Martina Cecilia - Matt Rockefeller - Matteo Berton - Mel Skopt - Mike Bear - Molly Mendoza - moon - Mulele Jarvis - Murat Turan - Nadia Enis - Pana Stamos - Paul Reinwald - Péah - - Rachel Suggs - Rebecca Lugo - Ricardo Bessa - Richie Pope - Rocky Bergen - Sabdiasep Mercado-Adorno - Sasha Pes - Shannon May - Stephen Morrow - Tera Benoit - Tina Solstrand - Tomos ‘eyeliketype’ James - Toni Infante - Torrion Dear - Yasmin Khudari - Ziqian Xu

(We soon as well will be holding a smal contest for two more artists, cause we have 2 pages left!)


You love the movie and our artists line up? THEN SUPPORT US AND MAKE THIS BOOK HAPPEN! There are as well super nice extras!

Thank you all for the support so far!


Extraterrestrial greetings,
Karina and Joule

Hey everyone I’ll be making a piece for this! There are so many incredible artists here, I seriously can’t wait. Support if you’re interested, and be sure to spread the word! Let’s get this awesome book printed!

Man… two kickstarters in one day… life is good!

The kickstarter for this zine I’m doing is finally here! Come check it out my friends are in it, I’m in it, and a bunch of talented people are in it!